Legislation: private act
Act in favoures of the Erle of Leven for 100,000 merkes

Our soverane lord and the estates of parliament, taking to consideracion the great and acceptable service done to this kingdome be Alexander, erle of Leven, generall of the whole forces thairof dureing the late troubles, and being most willing to give him some tokine and testimony of there thankfull remembrance of the same, have givine and granted, and be the tennour heirof gives and grantes, to the said Alexander, erle of Levine all and haill the soume of ane hundreth thouand merkis Scottis money, to be payed to him, his aires and assigneyes out of the first and reddiest of the moneyes perteyneing to the publict at the feist and terme of Lambes nixtocome, in the yeir of God jM vjC fourtie tuo yeires. Lykeas they doe heirby will, command and requyre the commissioneres for the publict burdingis to cause good and thankfull payment of the said soume be maide to the said Alexander, erle of Levine and his foirsaidis betuixt and the said terme of Lambes nixtocome, and to pay the ordinar annuelrent of the said soume incaise of not payment therof at the terme foirsaid ay and whill the samene be dewlie and thankfullie payed, and declaires that this present act shall be a full and perfyte securitie for the payment thairof to the said erle and his foirsaidis in maner abovewrittin.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.210v. Back