Act anente the restitutione of horss and armes to the ouneres, outputteres thairof

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that diverse souldieres, asweell foote as horss, who ware imployed, reiked forth and sent out with the armies and regimentes leiveyed during the tyme of the late troubles, haveing at ther goeing forth and outreeking received troupt horss, armes, amunitione horss and baggage horses from the heritoures of landis and otheres who did reeke and send them forth, and that the saidis souldieres, keeperes up and withholders or have put away the saidis horses and armes intrusted to them from the owneres therof; therfore our said soverane lord and estates of parliament doe heerby grant full power and warrand to the committee appoynted from the parliament for regulating and setling of the commone burdingis and debts of the kingdome, and to all other judges ordinar, asweell to burgh as land, within this kingdome within whose boundis any such persones duell or can be fund who have keeped or deteened aither horses or armes, that the saidis judges doe forthwith upoun complaint of the pairtie, owneres of the saidis horses and armes, call the receiveres, deteeneres or outputeres of them befor them, and to decerne and ordeane them to delyver the saidis horsse and armes to the saidis owneres or the pryces of the same, their recept of them being laufullie provine, and with pouer to the saidis judges to doe everie thing as laufull and necessar anent the premiss agrieable to justice and the lawes of the cuntrey.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.208r. Back
  2. Instead of 'keeperes up and withholders or have', APS inserts 'keeps wp and withholds or hes' in square brackets. Back