Procedure: remit to the privy council
Act anente the pryces of writtes, sealles and registeres remitted to the counsell

The quhilk day, the act drawne wp and set doune anent the pryces to be tane be all writteres, keeperes of seales and registeres and clerkis within this kingdome being this day red in audience of his majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates foirsaidis remittis the samene to his hienes secreet counsell, with pouer to them to doe ad hunc effectum thairintill as the king and parliament might have done; and ordeanes and declaires that the sentance and determinatione of the counsell to be sete doune be theme heiranent shall have the authoritie, force and effect of ane act of parliament for this purpoise.

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