Judicial Proceeding: submissions by the Earl of Galloway and the town of Wigtown
Submissione Erle of Gallaway and toune of Wigtoune

The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament conveened in parliament, Alexander, erle of Galloway gave in ane list of these to whome he was content to submitt all contraversies betuixt him and the toune of Wigtoune and all otheres who had givine in supplicationes againes him befor the parliament, viz: Erles of Mare, Eglingtoune, Seaforth, Lauderdaill and Southeske and the Laird of Lage. As also the toune of Wigtoune gave in ther list, viz: the Marqueis of Argyle, the Erle of Glencairne, Sir Thomas Hoipe of Carse, Williame Rige of Ethernie, James Cochrane, commissioner for Edinburgh, and Johne Semple, commisssioner for Dumbartane. And either of them nominat the Lord Chancellour and the Lord Ballmerino, president of the parliament, or any of them being present, or to four for ilke pairtie nominat as said is, with the oversmane to decyde in all contraversies betuixt the saidis pairties, betuixt and the fyfteene day of Januar nixtocome, with power to the saidis judges and oversmane to prorogat etc.; and ordeanes the samene submissioune to be recordit in the bookes of parliament.

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