Reference in favoures of Maistir Alexander Collvill

The quhilk day the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be Maister Alexander Colvill of Blair, his majesties justice depute, desyreing the kingis majestie and estates of parliament to give present order for payment making to the supplicant of his bygone fies for his service in the foirsaid office as justice depute since the yeir of God 1630 yeires, and for his assurrance to gete bettir payment in tymecomeing, as the supplicatione more fullie proportes. Quhilke supplicatione being moved to the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates foirsaidis remittes the foirsaid supplicatione and desyre thairof to the exchekker to be considered be them.

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