Procedure: cautioners for the Earl of Montrose and others

Conforme to the quhilke ordinance abovementionat, compeired Johne, erle of Mare, Johne, erle of Wigtoune, Johne, erle of Kinghorne, George, erle of Seaforth and David, erle of Southeske as cautionores for the saidis James, erle of Montrose, Archbald, lord Naper and Sir George Stirling of Keire; and alse compeired Sir Lodowicke Houstoune of that ilke as cationer for the said Sir Archbald Stewart, Sir Johne Spotswood, cationer for the said Sir Robert Spotswood, Maister William Hay, cationer for the said Sir Johne Hay, and Gabriell Cunynghame as cationer for the said Lieutennent Collonell Stewart; and the saidis persones cationeres abovenamed became judiciallie acted and obleist as cautioners for the persones abovenamed for whom they are cationeres respective as said is, and that as cautioneres for the saidis persones supplicantes to the effect, for the cause and with certificatione respective abovementionat conteent in the said act and conforme thairto, and dureing the tyme abovewrittin therinspecified. Sic subscribitur: Mar, Wigtoun, Kinghorne, Seaforth, Southeske, S L Houstoun, Johne Spotswood, Maistir William Hay, Gabriell Cunynghame.

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