Act dischairging the transportatione of egges

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament find that it is necessary and expedient for the good of the publicte that the transporting of eggis out of this kingdome be restraned, in respect it bringis not any considerable moneyes into the cuntrey nowayes compairable to the loose, considering the dyet of poore laboureing people and servantes, who eat only bread and drinke water, if egges were restrained, might be bettered by getting eggis to his meate at ane easie rate, or of his owne, the breed of chickenes, henes and capones would be in far greater abundance, so that they might sell at tuo pence, a groat and sexpence wher they are now tuo groates, tuelve penies and eighteene pence, and where the eggis sell now at fourtie pennyes somtymes, a groat might be sold for tuelve pennyes or eighteene pence, and where they give five shillings sex pence where the salt is made, they might sell ther dearest for a tuopence, therfor to grante a restraint wnder the paine of confiscatione of the eggis and ane hundreth pund toties quoties to be incurred by the pairty transporter to be proved by witness or oath of pairty.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.198r. Back