Act againste destroying of planting and otheres

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that parkes and plantingis are great decorementes and much proffitable to the kingdome, and that the demolishing and doune casting of the dykes of either and spoyling of the ground and planting inclosed within the samene by these who are evill affected to policie is a great discouragment to many who are virtuouslie disposed to parking and planting, therfore, his majestie, with consent of the saidis estates, dischairges all haukers, hunteres, travelleres and otheres persones whatsoevir to whom the samene parking and planting doe not belonge from demolishing, douncasting, climing or any wayes wrongeing of any of the dykis foirsaids, parkes and planting within the samene wnder the paine of fyve pundis toties quoties, which fynes his majestie and estates foirsaidis declaires to perteene to the owneres of the saidis parkes or plantingis, they or ther servantes deprehending the failleres. And if any other deprehend them, the one halfe to apperteene to the deprehender and the other to the heritor, with power to the deprehender to perseue the contraveener befor the ordinare judge. And if it shall happine the heritoures owne tennent to contraveene the act foirsaid, with power to the heritores to wnlaw them at thair owne pleasour, the penalty and wnlaw not exceeding the paine foirsaide.

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