Act anente dischairgeing the registratione of comprysingis and appoynting the recording and alloueing of comprysingis and pryces therof

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, haveing takine to ther consideracion that the registratione of comprysingis heath put the leiges to great, needlesse and wnnecessary chairgis and expenss, and that the same doeth nether ade to the validity of the comprysingis nor to the benefit of the compryseres, and therfore have dischairged, and by the tennour heirof dischairges, all registratione of comprysingis, togidder with all giftes, actes of counsell and others warrandis, consuetud or custome whatsoevir granted or observed theranent, and declaires that the samene giftes, actes of counsell and otheres warrantes, consuetude or custome to be null and of none availl, force nor effecte in all tymecomeing. And sickelyke our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that a short record of all comprysingis of landis and annualrentes, heritable bandis, contracts, reversiones and otheres, and legalles therof, viz: of the compryseres names and designationes, the defenderes names, the debt for which the comprysing is wsed, the landis and otheres comprysed, the maisseires and clerkes names, the tymes of the denunciationes and executiones and witness therto, and daite of the comprysingis and of the superioures of the landis comprysed, is very necesar for the leiges, ther informationes, therfore statutes and ordeanes that all compryseres shall be obleidged to bring ther comprysingis to the clerke of the billes within threescore dayes efter the dait of the comprysings, to the effect that the samene may be allowed by the lordis of counsell and sessione; at the which tyme, ordeanes the said clerke to the billes to make a record of the saidis comprysingis in a booke wherin all comprysingis shall be recordit in maner abovewrittin, for the which allowance and recording of the said comprysing in maner abovewrittin the clerke shall have fourtie shillings for the whole record of ilke comprysinge and allowance, and sieklyke, for the extracte of ilke record of the saidis comprysingis that shall be extracted wnder the said clerke his handis, our soverane lord and estates ordeanes the soume of tuentie shillingis for everie extract to be payed to the said clerke of the billes as due pryce competent to him, therfore which soume the said clerke shall not transchend wnder the paines conteyned in the actes of parliament.

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