Procedure: commission
Commissione for visitatione of the Universitie of St Androes

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that his majestie hes laitlie givine and foundit to the Universitie of Saint Androes and colledges therof the few mailles, few fermes, teyndis, teynd deuties and arrentes quhilke perteint of before to the laite archbeshope of Saint Androis and pryorie of Saint Andrewes annexit therto, and that the saidis rents are be exprese conditione of the said mortificatione appoynted to be destribute amonge the severall colledges of the said universitie, principalles, professoures, regentes and other members therof, at the seight of his majesties commissioneres appoynted to be appoynted for visiting of the said university, and that now his majestie, with consent of the estates, is pleased to appoynt commissioneres for that effect and for seting doune ane order for reuling and governeing of the said universitie and colledges therof, therefore, his majestie and estates of parliamment, be thir presentes, makes, nominates and constitutes the persones respective eftirfalloweing, viz: Archbald, erle of Argyle, John, erle of Cassills, Johne, erle of Weymes, Johne, erle of Lauderdaill, Divid, erle of Southeske, Johne, lord Lindesay, Johne, lord Ballmerinoche, Robert, lord Burghlie, Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, his majesties advocate, or Sir Johne Hope, fear of Craighall, ane of the senatoures of the colledge of justice, Sir Johne Leslie of Newtoun, Maister James Reid of Pitlethy, James Suord, citiner in St Androwes, Maister Alexander Hendersone and Maister Harie Rolloke, tuo of the ordinar ministers of Edinburgh, Maister Robert Blair, minister at St Androues, Maister David Monro, minister at Eley, Maister Andro Wood, minister at Monyfuth, Maister Patrike Scougall, minister at Dairsey, Maister Andro Auchinleck, minister at Largo, Maister Walter Buchanane, minister at Seres, Maister James Sympsone, minister at Batgate, or any nyne of them, fyve of them being ministeres, as there commissioneres in that pairt to the effect efterspecified. With full pouer and commissione to them to meet, conveene and visite the said university and colledges therof, upoun the [...] day of [...] nixtocome, or at any other dyet or tyme to be appoynted be them as they shall thinke expedient, and to distribute amonges the principalls, professoures and other memberes of the said university and colledges therof the particulare localities of the saidis few mailles, teyndis and otheres mentionat in the said mortificatione, according to the order and proportione agreed wpoun by the committee appoynted be his majestie and allowed be his majestie at the ingiveing of the report, and that eache one of the saidis three colledges shall have ther owne locality and be wplifted be there owne oeconimus and distribute amonge them accordinglie in maner foirsaid. With pouer also to the saidis commissioneres to order the course of the studyes of the youth and to rectifie what is amiss for the bettir breeding of the studentes in religione and learneing, and to doe, wse and exerce all other thingis necessar in the premiss that to the office of commissioners in sicke caises of the lawe and consuetud of this realme are knowne to perteene, sicklyke and als frielie in all respects as any otheres his majesties commissioneres in such caices or effaires might have laufullie done at any tyme bygone, or may doe in tymecomeing. Quhilkis commissioneres shall be holdine to report ther proceedingis in the said mater to his majestie and estates, or any whom they shall appoynt for that effect betuixt and the [...] day of [...], and this present commissione shall endure whill the [...] day of [...]. Lykas his majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes ane new commissione for visitatione of the said wniversitie to be granted at everie parliament.

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