Procedure: commission
Commissioun for manufactories

Oure soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering how necessary, expedient and profitable the erecting and menteyneing of manufactories will be for this kingdome, asweell in keeping great quantities of money within the same, which is now daylie exported for wrought commodities, as in seting poore ones one worke, restraineing of idle beggeres, increase of vertue and bringing of moneyes into the cuntrey, and this being a mater of so great goodnes wished by everie man and oftymes aymed at to be brought to some perfectione, as witness many severall actes of parliament, actes of conventioun and counsell, especially: King James the Sext, his seventh parliament, cap. 113; item, King James 6, his 15 parliament, cap. 250 and 252; item, the actes of counsell Maii 1597, Julii 1600, November 1601, December 1601, Maii 1612, October 1614, August 1616, Julii 1620, Februar 1623; item, the actes of conventione June 1605, November 1625, August 1626, yet the samene heath not as yit maide any considerable progress for want of cherishing, interteenement and right order for prosecutione therof. In consideratione wherof, his majestie and estates of parliament being resolved to wse all ordinare meanes for erecting, chirisheing and menteyneing of manufactories within this kingdom, and his majestie, with advyse and consent foirsaid, being gratiouslie pleased to grant all liberties, priviledges and immunities to the erectores therof, therfore his majestie and estates foirsaid gives, grantes and committes to these persones, or quorum therof, who shall be nominat by the lordis of secrect counsell (to whom the kingis majestie and parliament heirby gives the nominatione of the saidis commissioneres and quorum therof forsaid to the effect efterspecified) full power, warrand and commissione to meet and conveene at Edinburghe, or any other place or places at such dayes and tymes they or the said quorum sall thinke fitting, and there to consult, advyse and determine wpoun the best reules, overtours and propositiones and wayes for erecting and menteyneing the said manufactories of all sortes, with power to them or the said quorum to call and conveene befor and with them any persone or persones who cane give them informatione or assistance in the saidis bussinesses. As also with power to them or ther said quorum to appoynt correctione houses in such pairtes of the kingdome as they shall thinke most conduceable for the good of the saides manufactories and restraint of idle and maisterles beggeres. As also with pouer to them to prescrybe reules and wayes for assisting, supplieing and menteyneing of these who have allreddie or shall dureing the time of this commissione erect and enterteene any of the saidis manufactories and to direct letteres againest maisterles people and ther receptoures, asweell to burghe as landward, commanding them to worke at such reassounable rates as the said commissioneres or quorum therof shall appoynt. With power lykewayes to them to make corporationes and to grant them priviledges conforme to the lawes of the kingdome. And sickelyke his majestie, with advyse foirsaid, out of his gratious favour and bountie, doeth heerby for the bettir encouragement to all these who have wndertakine or shall wndertake the erecting and menteyneing of the saidis manufactories, or any one therof, give and grant to them the priviledges and immunities falloweing, viz: all Spanishe and forrane fyne woole for making of fyne cloath shall be custome free; item, all litster waire, oyle and others necessares for the wse of the saidis workis allenerly shall be free of all customes and impost; item, all parcelles of cloath, seyes and otheres mad by any who have erected or shall erect any of the saidis workes shall be custome and impost free for the space of fyfteen yeeres eftir the erecting therof; item, the workeres of the saidis workes erected or to be erected shall be free of any taxatione or impositione to be imposed one the kingdome for any occasione bygone or to come; item, it shall not be leasome to any in the kingdome to hyre, reseve or interteene any of the servantes of the said workes without consent of the maisteres therof.

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