Procedure: decision concerning the officers of fortune
Anente the officeres of fortoune ther pay who served within the cuntrie

The quhilk day the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be the officeres of fortoune who served within the cuntrey, craveing that they may have full pay as the others reformeires of the army abroad did receive, and that some course may be tane for ther payment, being red in audience of the king's majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates foirsaidis ordeanes the saidis officeres of fortoune who served within the cuntrey to have full pay without any deductione, and alse much as the lyke officeres of the army received in England, notwithstanding of the act of the committee, and for ther payment, his majestie and estates remittes them to the committee appoynted for the commoune burdeenes. Lykeas his majestie and estates of parliament grantes the lyke favour to the Lord Johnestoune, his officeres, upoun ane supplicatione presented to the parliament be the Lord Johnestoune for that effect.

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