Act against goeing of saltpanes and milnes one the Lordes day and other profanacion of that day

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering notwithstanding the actes of the generall assembly ratified in this present parliament, June 1640, aganes the prophaneing of the Lordis day by goeing of salt panes, sallmond fishing, kills, mylnes and hyreing of servantes one the said day, yit the saidis abuses are not leste offe bot rather encreased, therfore our soverane lord and estates foirsaidis, for the bettir restraint of the saidis abuses and prophanationes, doe agane inhibit and dischairge all goeing of salt panes or mylnes and all working of workes therintill wpon the Lordes day, and all hyreing and conditioneing of sheereres one the said day, and that wnder the paines and penalties falloweing to be payed to the particular sessiones of every paroche wherin the abuses before specified are committed, to be imployed to pious uses, viz: the soume of tuentie pundis for ilke day foirsaid workeing in maner foirsaid of ilke salt pane, of ilke dayes fishing of sallmond and of ilke mylne, to be payed by the heritoures and possessores therof for the tyme and the maisteres to be ansuerable for ther servantes, and the soume of ten pundis for ilke shearer and fisher of salmond one the Lordis day, the one halfe to be payed be the hyreres and conduceres, the other halfe by the persones hyred toties quoties; and ordeanes the magistrates of the toune to keepe the transgressoures in waird whill they pay the said penalties for the which the magistrates shall be ansuerable to thair sessiones. And further, our said soverane lord and estates doe heerby inhibit and dischairge all markettes, useing of merchandyce, carying of loades upoun the Lordes day, and all other prophanationes or abuses therof whatsoevir, and that wnder the same paine of ten pundes to be payed by everie transgressor to ther sessiouns respective for the uses foirsaid toties quoties. And ordeanes the saides penalties respective abovespecified to be exacted by and attour the confiscatioun of the salt, corne, merchandyce, loades and other goodes whatsoevir imployed, used, gained or mad and wrought in the prophaneing and abusing of the said Lordes day, which paine is also heerby ordeaned. If the transgressores be not able to pay the penalties foirsaidis, ordeanes them to be punished exemplary in ther bodyes according to the merit of ther fault toties quoties.

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