Legislation: private act
Ordinance conserneing the Laird off Moncreeff and Lord Innerpeffer

The quihilk day the kinges majestie and estates of parliament, haveing heard and considered the objectione mad be the Laird of Moncreeffe aganes Sir Andro Fletsher of Innerpeffer, his nominatione and electione, that he cannot be ane of the lordis of sessioune becaus he hes incurrit the paine contenit in the act of parliament and loist his place by buying litigious landis, quhilke he offered to qualifie and prove, his majestie and estates of parliament hes remittit and heerby remittes the tryell therof to the secreet counsell, that incaice the said Sir Andro Fletcher be fund guiltie, he may incurre the paine conteened in the act of parliament made theranent, wtherwayes incaise Moncreefe insist therine and succumbe in probatione he may be punished at the counselloures pleasur according as they shall thinke his cariage to demerite.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.160r. Back