Order: for recalling the Marquis of Hamilton and the Earls of Argyll and Lanark to the parliament
Ordoure of parliament for recalling of the Marques of Hammiltoun, Erles of Argyle and Lanarke to the parliament

The quhilk day the parliament, haveing takeine to ther consideracion the letters writtin by the Marques of Hammiltoun, Erles of Argyle and Lanerk to the severall estates of parliament, and the occasione of ther removell from his majesties court and parliament one the ellevinth of October last, and of there absence thairefra since that tyme, findis and declaires that there respect to his majestie and earnest desyre to preserve the peace of the kingdome and to shune any tumult, which ther repairing to the parliament house with such nombers of ther freendis as would have accompanyed them upoun the informatione and report of the late incident might have produced, was and is a just cause of there with drawing themselves; and finding ther presence necessar for the good of his majesties service and bettir setling of the effaires of the parliament thinkis it expedient they returne with all convenient diligence, and for that effect ordeanes ane letter to be writtin and directed to them to be subscryved be the president of the parliament in name therof, shaweing this ther order and pleasure.

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