Procedure: commission for the trial of the late incident
Anent the late incident

The quhilk day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament condishendit that the tryell of the late incident should be be way of committie.

Commission for tryell of the late incidente

The quhilk day the kingis majestie, with advyse of the estates of parliament, condishendit that the tryell of the late incident reveilled by the depossitiones of Capitane Williame Stewart, Louetennent Collonell Robert Home and Leutennent Collonell Johne Hurrie should be tryed be way of committie, and therfor his majestie and estates of parliament grantes power and commissione to Johne, lord Loudoun, chancellour, James, duike of Lennox, Johne, erle of Lauderdaill and Johne, lord Ballmerino, president of the parliament, for the nobility; and to George Dundas of that ilke, Thomas Mourtoun of Cambo, Williame Rige of Ethernie and Robert Adair of Kinhilt for the gentrie; and to Thomas Durhame, burges of Pearth, Patrik Leslie, burges of Abirdeene, Patrik Bell, burges of Glasgow, and Johne Sempill, burges of Dumbartane, or any seavine of them, there being tuo at least of everie estat, to examine upoun oath, without oathe or ather or both wayes all persones necessar for tryell and discoverie of the veritie of the said incident, and to report the same in plaine parliament. And his majestie and estates straitlie commandis all the saidis persones who are abovenamed, who are upoun the said committie, preceislie to attend the same and not to be absent without excuse upoun knowne seiknes wnder the paine to be censured at the seight of his majestie and the parliament, and alse appoyntes the said committie to cause subscryve the said depositiones to be tane be them and close the same. And sicklyke his majestie and estates of parliament commandes ane oath of secricye to be takine be these of the committie foirsaid amongest themselves and of such as shall be examened be them for keeping secreet, wnreveilled to any, the depositiones of all witness or pairties examinat befor them ay and whill the samene be reported and published in parliament, except what shall be thought fitting and allowed be the committie or quorum thairof; with pouer to these of the committie or quorum thairof to sequestrat pairties called befor them, such as wpoun pregnant presumptions shall be thought fit by them or to take surtie for there appeiring as they shall find expedient. And ordeanes them to meit this efternoone at thrie houres and the morne at eight houres in the morneing, and thaireftir the committie to appoynt ther owne meitings as they shall thinke expedient.

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