Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Act againest the unnecessar confluence of his majesties leiges to Edinburghe the tyme of this parliamente

Forsameikle as the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, haveing takine to ther serious consideracion the necessity of setting doune some solied course for preveeneing any prejudice that may aryse be the confluence of people to the toune of Edinburgh and by ther frequent repair upoun the streetes, and that all proceeding may be peaceable and regular, his majestie and estates of parliament, for the bettir effectuating heirof, hese statute and ordeaned, and heirby statutes and ordeanes, that all these in Edinburghe, Cannogait, Leith and subwrbes (within the toune of Edinburges jurisdictione) who hes ony persones lodgeit within there houss or in challmers or roumes set be them shall give wpe in roll the names of all these sua lodged, ather within ther houses or in severall challmeres and roumes as said is, with there designationes to whom they belong and upon whom they depend, to the proveist and baillies of Edinburgh, that therby both the nomberes and the occasione of ther being in toun may be knowne; quhilkes rolles of all these persones who are lodged within the jurisdiction of Edinburghe ordeanes the magistrates of Edinburt to delyver to the lord generall within tuelffe houres eftir the proclamatione and publicatione heirof, and according as any of these persones sua lodged shall chang ther lodging, ordeanes the rolles to be renewed to the magistrates and givine wpe to them and delyvered be them everie tuentie four houres to the lord generall, that the intentione of the ordinance abovewrittin be not frustrat be the change of lodgeingis. As also ordeanes all these in the Potterrawe and Westport, quhairof the lairdis of Innerleith is supperioures, and these of the remanent suburbs and uther pairtes neir adjoyneing to the toune and not within the tounes jurisdictione lykewayes to give wpe ane list and roll of all persones lodged within ther houss, challmeres and roumes to the lord generall, his excellence, and ordeanes the magistrats of Edinburgh and otheres superiores foirsaidis to sie the samene put in excecutione within ther jurisdictiones respective. And declaires that these who failyies to give wp the saidis rolles eftir proclamatione and publicatione heirof within the space and in maner foirsaid shall tyne there freedomes and liberties, and shall pay for ilke failyie ane hundreth pundis to ther magistrats, and be farder punished in ther persones as the parliament shall thinke fit. And sicklyke our soverane lord and estates of parliament statutes and ordeanes that there be strong guiardes keeped be the toune of Edinburgh both for neight and day, of such nomberes and at sicke places as the magistrates of Edinburgh be the advyce and appoyntment of the lord generall thall thinke fitt, and that the guairdes be not enjured, resisted nor forced be no persone of whatsomevir qualitie, wnder the paine of death to the resisteres and forceres, and the injureres of the guairdis to be punished be the lord generall, his excellence, according to the demerit of the delinquent and qualitie of the facte. And our soverane lord and estates of parliament declaires that what shall be done be ther guairdes in performance of thair dewties againes any persones, the tyme of there resisting or forceing of the saidis guairdis, shall inferre no hazard nor perrell of law aganes these of the guaird, actors thairof; as also declairs that the placeing and ordering foirsaid of thir guairdis shall be without prejudice of the constable, mershall, toune of Edinburghe or any other pairties, ther rightes and liberties quhilkis shall remaine wnimpaired heirby. And als the kingis majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes that these regimentes whilkis are as yit wndisbandit shall be drawne neir towardis Edinburgh to the effect the samene may be with the greater conveniency mustered and moneyes provydit for there pay that thereftir they may be licensiat, and in the meanetyme ordeanes these regimentes to be quartered in sicke maner and in sicke places neir about the toune of Edinburgh as the lord general shall thinke fit and expedient. And in lykemaner, the kingis majestie and estates of parliament statutes and ordeines that no man of whatsoevir qualitie keepe with him any more then his owne domesticke serveantes, and that all persones who hes not necessarlie attendence at this present parliament repaire to there severall housse and duellingis; as also that all persones of whatsoevir quality who ather hes allreddy brought ther freendes, falloweris and dependeres to Edinburgh or any pairtes adjoyneing therto, that they presentlie dismiss them bake to ther owne houss, and these that hes givine orderes to ther freendes, falloweres or dependeres to repair hier to Edinburgh that they immediatly dischairge thair incomeing. And becuse there be sindrie gentlemen who have necessar bussines in parliament and will apply themselves to attend some noblemen in whom they may have interest, therfore the kingis majestie and estates ordeanes that these gentlemen themselffis or the noblemen to whom they have relatioune shall give wpe there names to the lord generall presentlie eftir the proclamatione and publicatione heirof, that they may stay be his excellence approbatione. And farder, the kingis majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes that notice be presentlie tane of the haill officeres and sojoures and what of them hes gottine pay and who wants, and ordeanes these who hes received pay to reteir off the toune, wnles the lord generall shall tollerat ther stay wpoun ther necessar bussines in toune represented and knowne to his excellence, and for sicke as yit wantes ther pay appoyntes course to be takine for the samene. Lykeas also his majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes the nomber of fourtie or fiftie horsemen to be leviat and payed wpoun the publict chairge for attending the lord generalles orderes for the good and peace of the kingdome, quhilkis haill particulare articles abovementionat, the kingis majestie and estates of parliament statutes, ordeanes and commandes to be observed and obeyed be all the leiges in maner and wnder the paines respective befor prescryved and committes the executione of the samen haill articles to the lord generall, whom they ordeane to sie the samene obeyit and put in executione. And last, the kinges majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes proclamationes to be made with all diligence at all the heid burghes of everie shyre dischairgeing all convocatione of his majesties leiges within any pairt of this kingdome upoun whatsomevir pretext, wnder the paines conteenit in the actes of parliament; and to the effect that the haill premiss abovementionat may be the bettir knowne to all the leiges, and that none pretend ignorance thairof, the kingis majestie and estates of parliament ordeanes publict proclamatioune to be mad heirof at the mercat croce of Edinburghe be sound of trumpet be the lyoun himselfe or his brethren, the herauldis, with the coates of armes wpoun them; and alse ordeanes thir presentes to be prented, that therby all persones may have the better occasione to informe themselffis of the samene, and give obedience therto; quhairanent, and anent the haill premiss abovementionat, thir presents are and shall be ane sufficient warrand. Subscryved be the president of the parliament at command of the kingis majestie and the estates of parliament.

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