Procedure: commission
Commissione for heiring the generall commissares accomptes

The quhilk day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, haveing takine to ther consideracion the earnest and frequent petitiones and desyres mad to his majestie and estates of parliament by Maister Alexander Gibsone of Durie, as generall commissar of the armie, craveing that auditouris might be nominat and appoynted for heiring, considering, fiting and concluding of his wholl accomptes as generall commissar of the said army, that he therefter may be disburdeined and exonered of that chairge, and for granting commissione to the auditoures to be nominat and appoynted for heiring and fitting the foirsaidis accomptes; and finding the foirsaid desyre to be just and equitable, his majestie, with advyce of the estates of parliament, hes givine and granted, and gives and grantes, full power and commissione to Archbald, lord Angus, Hew, lord Montgomerie, Johne, lord Fleymeing, Johne, lord Maitland, James, lord Carnegie and David, lord Elcho, and to Sir Johne Hammiltoune of Barganie, Mungo Campbell, fear of Laueres, Johne Craufurd of Killbirnie, Sir Williame Mure of Rouallane, James Chalmeres of Gaitgirth and Maister Williame Cochrane of Coudoune, as also to George Sutie, Robert Flemyng, James Roughhead, Johne Binnie and Johne Joussie, merchandis burgess of Edinburgh, and James Suord, merchand burges of Sanct Androis, or to ony nyne of the persones abovenamed, which is the equall halfe of the whole nomber abovewrittin, to receive, heir, consider, fit and conclud the said generall comissar his whole accomptes, both chairge and dischairge therof, at the least so much thairof as was not fitted at Newcastle be the commissioners appoynted for that effect by the committy of estates; with pouer to the saides haill auditoures abovenamed, or any nyne of them, to try and examenat the samene whole accomptes, both chairge and dischairge thairof foirsaid, and to allowe or disallowe the articles therof as they shall find just and reassonable, and to doe everie thing necessar and requisit which may conduce for the cleiring of the samene accomptes and which may advance and further the exact tryell, cleiring and concluding therof. And for this effect his majestie, with advyce of the estates of parliament, ordeanes the foirsaidis persones, auditoures respective abovenamed, to meit and conveene at all such convenient tymes and dyettis as may best further and advance the fitting and ending the said generall commissar, his saidis accomptes, chairge and dischairge thairof, and that at any tyme or tymes betuixt the dait heirof and the [...] day of [...]; and eftir the heiring, trying, fitting and concluding of the saides accomptes, ordeanes the commissionares respective abovenamed, or quorum thairof foirsaid, to report the samene accomptes sua fitted and what they find and conclud thairintill to the parliament or committie to be appoynted by the parliament for heiring and cleereing the commoun burdeenes of the kingdome to be considerit be them, that thereftir the parliament or committie foirsaid may take suche course and order for the said general commissar, his exonoratione, as efter consideratione of the report of his accomptes they shall find just and expedient; and declaires that the saidis commissionares, ther allowance or disallowance of the saidis accomptes or any articles therof, is or shall be allwayes but prejudice to the estates of parliament or committie foirsaid to comptroll the same allowance or disallowance in whole or in pairt as they shall find just and expedient efter report and consideratione thairof.

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