Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Legislation: private act
Act anent the ratificatione of the erection of the neu kirk of Killmarnok

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the subscryved supplicatione laitlie givine in to the presbetrie of Irving be the freendis of the house of Boyd and the heritoures and inhabitantes of the parochine of Killmarnok, with consent of umquhill Maister Michaell Wallace, there then minister, craveing that the said presbetrie, in regaird of the spaciousnes of the said paroche, would appoynt certane of ther nomber to goe throw the boundis thairof and designe some commodious place for building of ane new kirke, and designe the landis for making wp of ane paroch to the said new kirke, and declaireing that the stipend for the minister serveing the cure at the said new kirke shall be tane off the land designit for the said new paroch, with the said presbetrie of Irweing, ther allowance of the foirsaid supplicatione and ordinance givine to Maister William Russell, moderatour, Maister Johne Bell, Maister Williame Lindesay, Maister Hew McKaill, ministeris, Robert Montgomerie, laird of Haisilhead, William Dunlope, laird of Craige, reuling elderis of the said presbetry, for making of the foirsaid designatione of the said new paroche, togidder with the designatione and divisione made be them conforme therto, off the dait at Eldersfleete in Rosfinnicke, the therteene day of July lastbypast, quhairby they, eftir surveying the boundis of the said paroche of Killmarnoke and taking of all other tryell and informatione in the said mater, have with the advyce of the speciall heritouris, parochineres and otheres present designit the landis falloweing, viz: the landis of Pollikellie belonging to the Laird of Cunynghamehead; the landis of Polruskane, the Well, Tannochecreighe, Haghouse, Breirbuss, Doun, Sternohall apperteaneing to the Laird of Rouallane; the landis of Tipperhill, Aikinhead and Stonypeth perteaneing to the Laird of Craufardland; the ten pund land of Raith belonging to the lord Loudoun and sewere therin; the tuentie pund land of Hershewemure belonging to the Lord Boyd, with the remanent haill landis lyand above these befornamed, whilke ware formerlie within the old parochine of Killmarnock, with the inhabitantes of the same, to be the boundis and congregatione of the said new kirke to be buildit in the wper pairt of the said paroche of Killmarnok; and als have designit that pairt of the Alderfleet of the landis of Rosfinnicke apperteaneing to the Laird of Lochrige, quhilke they have particularlie designit by seting wpe meithes, as the most commodious pairt wher the said new kirke and kirkeyaird shall be situat and for the gleibe and manse adjacent thairto in all and sindrie heidis, clauss, articles and conditiones thairof, eftir the formes and tennors of the samene in all poyntes, and with the provisiones, declarationes and conditiones respective contenit in the foirsaid subscryved supplicatioune, allowance and designatione abovementionat, declairing heirby that this present ratificatione shall be alse valied and sufficient in all respectis as if the forsaid supplicatione, allowance, ordinatione and designatione foirsaid falloweing therupon wer specially and at lenth ingrost heirintill, quhairanent his majestie and estates hes dispensit, and be thir presentes dispenss for evir. And sicklyke our said soverane lord and estates of parliament, in respect of the premiss abovespecifeit and of ane act of the late generall assembly at Edinburghe the fyfte of August lastbypast, recommending to this parliament the desyre of the saidis supplicantes for erecting the foirsaid new kirke, hes erected and erectes the foirsaidis particulare landis, roumes and otheres before rehearsit lyand and perteaneing respective as is abovedesignit in ane severall and distinct parochine be itselfe, and to be callit the new kirke of Killmarnocke now and in all tymecomeing, and the inhabitantes, tennentes and induelleres, asweel heritoures as other possessoures of the saidis landis, to be the parochiners of the samene new kirke and parochine, and ordeanes them as parochineris therof to resort and repaire to the forsaid new kirke, to be biggite wpoun the place befor designit, as to thair owne paroch, kirke and as parochineres thairof. Quhilke ratificatione and erectione of the foirsaid new kirke our soverane lord and estates of parliament declaires is and shall be allwayes but prejudice to the Lord Boyd, his aires and successores of the right of patronage of the forsaid haill kirke and parochine of Killmarnoke, both auld and new parochineres thairof, who and his successoures are heirby declaired as patrones of the whole old parochine of Killmarnoke to have the onlie reight of presentatione of ministers both to the old kirke and parochine of Killmarnoke and to the forsaid new erected kirke abovespecifeit, as the samene or any of them shall happine to waike, and that the present minister at the old kirke of Killmarnoke and his successoures are and shall be onlie titulares of the whole teyndis of the parochine of Killmarnoke, asweell old as new parochines thairof, and the minister at the said new kirke be his presentation and admissione to the cure and functione thairof shall only have right to the modified stipend to be provydit to him and his successoures for the service of the cure of the foirsaid new kirk. Lykas also it is declaired that the foirsaid ratificatione and erectione of the new kirke abovespecifeit is and shall be lykewayes but prejudice to the said Lord Boyd of his takes and rightes of the teyndis of the said parochine of Killmarnoke and of the wther takis and rightes floweing therfra to the wtheres heritoures of the samene parochine for the teyndis of ther landes thairinementionat, or quhilkes are or hes beene set and granted to the Lordis Boyd or wther heritoures foirsaidis be the present or preceeding ministeres of Killmarnoke of the teyndis of the foirsaidis landes wherof the said new kirke and kirke and parochine is nowe erected as said is; and that the gressumes dewe to the Lord Boyd be his takismen shall nowayes be affected by the provisione of the new kirke bot pro ut de jure; and ordeanes the samene new kirke to be, and to be repute and holdine in all tymecoming, ane distinct and severall paroche kirke and parochine to be callit the Newkirke and parochine of Killmarnocke.

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