Prayeres said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Act dischairging all of the toune who are not memberes of parliamente or hes necessar attendance there

Forsameikle as our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering the great confluence of people from all corneres of the cuntry which heirtofor and doe daly resort to this toune of Edinburghe without any necessary effaires requyring ther owne presence, which tendeth to the prejudice of the leiges and is neidleslie expensive and may be the ground and occasione of great disorderes, therfore our soverane lord and estates of parliament straitlie inhibites and dischairges all our soverane lordis leiges, except such as have necessarie and important effaires with his majestie and the parliament, to repair and come to this toune heirefter dureing his majesties abode heere and siting of the parliament; and sicklyke commandis and chairges all our soverane lordis leiges who are presentlie in toune and are not memberes of parliament nor wther necessarie attendance to repaire to ther owne homes and duellingis and reteare off this toune within tuentie four houres eftir the publicatione heirof, wnder all heest paine to be inflicted one the contraveeneres for ther disobedience to his majesties command. And ordeanes publicatione to be mad heirof be sound of trumpet at the mercat croce of Edinburghe, to be proclamed be the lyoun himselfe, that none pretend ignorance heirof.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.135r. Back