Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Declaration: concerning the chancellor and president of the parliament
The kinges declaratione conserning the chancellour and president of parliament

The quhilk day his majestie declared that he haveing nominat Johne, lord Ballmerino to be president of this parliament, he is willing also that he be continowit to the end of this parliament, notwithstanding ther be ane chancellor now elected, bot with this declaratione and provisione: that eftir this parliament the same be not derogatorie or prejudiciall to the chancellour in any actione, place or possessione competent to him ather in preceiding, calling of rolles, stateing of questiones, asking of voyces or any other wayes whatsomevir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.134v. Back