Act anente the delyverie to the chancellour of the greate seall and exoneration to the Marques of Hammiltoune theranent

Our soverane lord, with advyce and consent of the estates of parliament, taking to consideration that forsameikle as James, marqueis of Hammiltoune has bene intrusted be his majestie with his majesties great seale of Scotland these yeires bygane, who be himselfe and his wnderkeeper Maister Johne Hammiltoun, advocat, heath served the leiges and done everie thing incombent to the keeper of the said seall faithfullie and diligentlie, and becaus of the nominatione and electione of Johne, lord Loudoun to be lord heighe chancellor of Scotland, to whom his majestie and the saidis estates have appoynted the said noble marques to delyver the said great seale, who, for obedience of the said command, producit the said great seale in presence of the king and parliament to be delyvered as said is, therfor his majestie, with advyce and consent foirsaid, exoneres and quytcleames the said James, marqueis of Hammiltoun and his said wnder keeper of the said great seale and of ther cariages and actiones in the keeping therof and of ther useing the same dureing the said space.

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