Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Legislation: private act
Act anente Pitcairne, minister, and Ramsay of Ogill

The quhilke day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament haveing tane to there consideratione the report of the committie appoynted by them anent the particulare contravertit betuixt Maister Alexander Pitcairne, minister of Tannadyce, and James Ramsay of Ogill, conserneing the band eftirmentionat, eftir heiring of bothe pairties theranent befor the said committie, his majestie and the estates of parliament ordeanes the band tane be the committie of estates upoun the 26 day of Junii 1641 yeires and registrat in the bookes of that committie the [...] day of the samene moneth and yeere, in the whilke band the said James Ramsay of Ogill and George, lord Gordoune, as cationer for him, are bund to the said Maister Alexander Pitcairne for his personall indemnitie wnder the paine of fyve thousand merkis toties quoties, and for the lyke soume, incaise James Ramsay of Ogill beis fund airt or pairt of the wrong done to the said minister, to stand in force whill the aught day of Januar nixtocome 1642 yeires. And in the meanetyme, betuixt and that day, ordeanes the minister to persewe and doe such diligence as he will be served for making of the said James Ramsay of Ogill airt or pairt of the wrong done to the minister mentionat in the band, and if he failyie heirintill, ordeanes the foirsaid band to be extinct and ineffectuall effir the said day, bot the said James Ramsay of Ogill to find catione for the ministeres indemnity for the tyme thereftir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.131r-131v. Back