Legislation: private acts
Ordinance anente the payment of officeres

The quhilk day the supplicatione be the officers of the army desyreing payment of ther whole arreires, togidder with the report from the committie for the army, with ane supplicatione from Williame Thomsone desyreing order and resolutione anent some questiones therin conteanit quhilke will aryse in the payment of the officers, being red in audience of his majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates foirsaides approves the report of the committie so fare as concernes the payment of the officeres of the army, asweell souldieres of fortoune as gentlemen within the cuntrie, and alse for the maner of securitie to be given for the moneyes wplifted for that effect, and gives order to William Thomsoune to pay the officeres conforme to his warrand; and declaires that the making payment conforme to the orderes of the committie from the army the samene shall be ane sufficient exonoratione to him, notwithstanding ther be payment made over and above what is dewe be wthers intromettoures; and alse declaires that the payment to be made be the supplicant shall be past upoun the generall accomptes of the army.

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Act anente Johne and Thomas Blakes ther tryell and transportatioun to Edinburgh

The quhilk day the kingis majestie and esteates of parliament, haveing takine to consideratione the supplicatione givine in to them be Jonet Corsbie in behalfe of Johne Blake, hir husband, and Thomas Blake, ther sone, makeand mentione that they ware imprisoned be the Erle of Nithsdaill in Dumfreis allmost tuo yeires since and have lyne in yrones for suspitione of the death of Johne Maxwell of Middlebie, wherof they are innocent, the said Johne dieing in a moss in the neight; and yit the saidis Johne and Thomas Blakes refuiss no legall tryell and notwithstanding are still stervand in prisone and yrones allmost these tuo yeires and are nather tryed nor relived, and therfor desyreing that the relict of the said umquhill Johne Maxwell be put to take out a commissione to try the said Johne and Thomas Blakis and to use them according to law rather then that they die for famine in prisone, or wtherwayes if they refuse to persue betuixt and ane appoynted day that warrand be given for reliveing of the saidis Johne and Thomas Blakis, as the supplicatione in it selfe proportes and beires. And heirupon, having givine warrand to ane committie from parliament for heiring the said Jonet Corsbie in the behalfe of hir husband and sone, and of Androw Stewart, present for himselfe and in name of Marione Maxwell, his spous, relict of the said umquhill Johne Maxwell, and Robert and Williame Maxwelles, ther bairnes (againes whom the foirsaid supplicatione is givine in), anent the granting of the desyre of the foirsaid supplicatione, and report being made be the committie anente the foirsaid desyre of the foirsaid supplicatione, quhilke report being red and considerit, his majestie, with advyce of the estates of parliament, ordeanes the saidis Johne and Thomas Blakes, delinquentes abovenamed, to be tryed and judged at Edinburgh be the justice or his deputes, and appoyntes the pairties to perseue and put them to tryell there betuixt and the last day of November nixtocome. And therefor ordeanes the said Johne and Thomas Blakes to be transported from the pledge challmer of Dumfreis wher they are presentlie incarcerat to the tolboothe of Edinburgh betuixt and the day abowewrittin, and appoynted ther transporting to be as falloueth, viz: ordeanes the proveist and ballies of the toune of Dumfreis and shereff thairof to delyver the tuo prisoneres abovenamed to the sherefe of the nixt adjacent shyre, and thereftir from sherefe to shereff whill they be brought to the tolboothe of Edinburghe. And ordeanes the pairties persueres to assist the transporting of the saidis tuo persones, and in the meantyme ordeanes them to be liberat of the yrones and onlie to be keeped in close waird, and the perseueris to pay daylie to ilke ane of the tuo prisoneres three shillingis four pennyes for ther interteanement dureing ther remaineing in waird, beginand the first dayes payment therof one Monday nixt, the fourt day of October nixtocome.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.129v-130r. Back