Procedure: report of the committee for the army
Anente the payment of the officeres of the army and souldieres of fortoune

The quhilk day the report of the committie for the army anent thir particulares fallowing, viz: anent the pay cravit by these captane louetennentes who commandit the collonells company, this committie, finding that be ane act of the committie of estates these captane louetennentes war only allowed to have viz: the foote ane hundreth merks and the horse ane hundreth pundis, and becaus they actually dischairged baith the chairge of captane and louetennente, it is represented be this committie to the parliament that they may be pleased to allow them ane captanes pay in respect the collonell dispenss with his pay as captane. Item, anent the payment of superiour officeris who have companyes, this committie adheres to the act of the committie of estates made theranent, quhairby it is ordeaned that they shall have no pay as captanes of companyes. Item, anent those who come in place of deid or dismissed officeres, the committie of the army allowes no payment for these or any of them who come in place of any deid or dismissed officeres wnlese the generall shall shewe ane reassone in the contrair. Item, anent these trouperes that refuiss to rendir bake there horse and furnitour to there maisteris who furnished them out, this committie representes to the parliament that some course may be takine theranent. Being reported and red in audience of the kingis majestie and parliament, his majestie and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the samene report and articles abovewrittin, in maner falloweing, viz: they allow ane captanes pay, conforme to the first article, and adheres to the act of the committie of estates for the second article anent the superior officeres, ther pay, and approves the order foirsaid of the committie of the army anent the third article for the pay of these who comes in the place of any deid or dismissed officeris; and anent the fourt article for these trouperes that refuiss to render bake thair horss and furnitour, ordeanes that no money be payed ather for officer or souldier till compt of armes and horse be mad be theme.

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