Legislation: private act
Ordinance of parliamente in favoures of Ramsay of Ballnabreigh

The quhilke day the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be Alexander Ramsay, sone laufull to Johne Ramsay and brother to umquhill James Ramsay, sone naturall to the said umquhill Johne, desyreing ane warrand to the thesaurer deput and lordis of exchekker to pas to the supplicant gratis the gifte of bastardie of the said umquhill James Ramsay, quhilke is allreddy granted be his majestie to the supplicant wnder his hienes hand seing the said umquhill James was killed in the publict service in the conflict at Newburne, being ane trouper of the company of Captane Grahame, being red and considered, his majestie and estates of parliament grantes the desyre thairof foirsaid and ordeanes the said gifte to be past and delyvered to the supplicant gratis without any compositione in respect it is notour that the said umquhill James Ramsay was killed at Newburne.

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