Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Act anente the election of the officers of estate, counselloures and sessionars

Oure soverane lord and the estates of parliament, considering that as there was ane article in the treaty anent the maner of choosing and placeing of officeres of stat, counselloures and sessioneres wherof the ansuer was remitted to be determined by his majestie and this parliament, and his majestie being willing to give this his ancient and native kingdome all satisfactione possible that fit and qualified persones shall ever fill these places, and considering that his majesties residence (because of his great effaires) will be more ordinarie in England then heir, wherby the qualificatione of persones may not at all tymes be so weell knowne to him, therfor his majestie, with advyse and consent of the estates of parliament, declaires for himselffe and his successoures that he will nominat and make choise of such able and qualified persones to fill these places as shall be fittest for his service and may give most contentment to the estates of parliament, which nominatione and choise his majestie will make with the advyse and approbatione of the saides estates of parliament dureing there sitting. And if any of the saidis places shall happine to waike and most be provydit in the intervall betuixt parliamentes, his majestie will choose and nominat officeres of state and counselloures with the advyse and approbatione of the counsell, all that nomber being warned upoun fyftene dayes calling to meit theranent, and most pairt of the whole consenting, and in lykemaner the sessioneris, with the advyse and approbatione of the most pairt of that house; which electiones mad in the intervall shall be allowed or disallowed in the nixt ensuein parliament as the kingis majestie and the parliament shall thinke expedient. And the officeres of state, counsellouris and lordis of sessione so nominat and chosine by his majestie and the parliament or allowed by his majestie and them shall be provided ad vitam vel culpam, and they all shall be lyable to the censure of the kingis majestie and parliament.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.118r-118v. Back