Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

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Act dischairging unlaufull mariages

Oure soverane lord and estates of this present parliament, considering the great abuse and dangerous evill that heath fallowed and may fallowe wpon frequent mariages of the persones, inhabitantes within this kingdome, goeing to the neighbour kingdomes for geting themselves maried there, which they could not obteene in this kingdome by the lawes and constitutiones therof; therfor and for remedie of that evill, and for preventing such in tymecomeing, prohibites and dischairges all men and weomen haveing both ther ordinary residence within this kingdome to get mariage to themselves with otheres within the kingdome of England or Ireland without proclamatione of banes heir in Scotland and againest the order and constitutiones of this church and kingdome wnder the paines falloweing, viz: for ilke nobleman so maried, one thousand pundis; for ilke landit gentleman, one thousand merkes; for ilke burges, fyve hundreth pundis; and for ilke other subtansious persones, fyve hundreth merkis; for one yeoman, ane hundreth pundis; for ilke persone of inferiour quality, one hundreth merkes, the one halfe of the which penalties shall belong to the king, the other to the parishe or parishes where the maried pairties did reside. And ordeanes the king and kirkes advocat to persue befor the civill judge therfor, and incaise of the poore conditione of ony man so maried in maner foirsaid, ordeanes him to be punished by stockes and irones, which paines corporall or pecuniall shall nowayes be prejudiciall or derogat from the order and censures of the kirke to be inflicted againest the delinquentes.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.111r. Back