Procedure: ordinance regarding Lord Napier and the Lairds of Keir and Blackhall
Ordinance of parliamente anente the calling and continoueing of the sommondes againes the Lord Naper, Lairdes of Keir and Blakhall

The quhilke day the praeses of parliament declaired that the procurators of estate shew that this was the day of compeirance quhairwnto the Lord Naper and lairdis of Keir and Blakehall were citat and that they behoved to compeir personallie. Wherwpoun the estates gave warrand to bring them from the castle and ordenit that same order and place to be keeped in there appeirance as was when the Erle of Montroise did appeare. As also ordeaned ther sommondis to be continoued to the eight day of September nixt, with continuatione of dayes. Lykeas his majesties advocat, Sir Thomas Nicolsone and procuratoris for the estate askit instrumentes wpon the productione of the three several sommondis, preceptes and warrandis granted be the estates of parliament to them for raising of the said sommonde, preceptes and executione of the samene.

Thairefter compeired the Lord Naper, lairdis of Keir and Blakhall personallie in the place appoynted, who, eftir calling of them publictlie, acknowledged that this was the day of there compeirance. And therwpon the praeses of the parliament intimatet to them that the parliament had continued their sommondis to the eight of September nixt, with continowatione of dayes, quhairwpon the procuratouris of estate askit instrumentes. Sir Thomas Nicolsone craved his name should be deleit of the warrand in respect he was ane of the committie who ware judges and sua he cannot now be advocat to this. The procuratouris of estate ansuered that they opponit the act of parliament standing quhairwnto the parliament adherit.

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