Vigesimo septimo Augusti 1641

Nono die huius sessionis parliamenti


Rolles callit and prayer said.

Rege presente.

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Procedure: act of caution
Act of cautione Laird of Glengarre

The quhilk day the Laird of Glengarrie, younger, desyred that the supplicatione exhibite be the Laird of McIntoshe againes him may be givine to him to sie to be advysit therwith whill the morne, quhilke desyre the parliament granted he acting himselfe and finding cautione to appeire before the parliament the morne and not to goe out of toune in the meantyme. Quhairupon the said Laird of Glengarrie, younger, personally present, acted himselfe to the effect and wnder the paine abovementionat. Lykeas, the Laird of McGloyd, also personally present, become acted as cautioner for Glengarrie to the effect and wnder the paine forsaid, and Glengarrie, personally present, acted himselfe for his releiff.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.108v. Back