Procedure: ratification of the treaty and all the articles thereof

Be it therfore enacted by his majestie, with the assent of the lordis and the commones of this present parliament assembled, that the said treattie and all the articles therof assented wnto as aforsaid be and stand for evir ratified and established and have the force, vigour, strenth and authoritie of a law, statute and act of parliament. Lykeas, this aforewrittine treattie and whole articles therof are by his majestie and the states of the parliament of Scotland enacted and ordeaned to have in all tymecomeing the full force and strenth of a true and perfyte security and act of the said parliament. And his majestie, for himselfe and his successours, doeth promeis in verbo principis never to come in the contraire of this statute and sanctione nor any thing therineconteaned, bot to hold the same in all poyntes firme and stable and shall cause it to be trulie observed by all his majesties leiges according to the tennour and intent therof for now and evir. Lykeas, the parliament of both kingdomes give full assurance and doe make publicke faith in name of both kingdomes respectively for the true and faithfull observance of this treatty and whole articles therof inviolably hinc inde.

Lykeas his majestie, with advyse of the estates of parliament, commandes the clerke of parliament to insert and registrat the same in the bookes of parliament and to give the extract of this act wnder his hand to the director of the chancellary whom they command to write the same to the great seale, and the keeper of the great seale to append the great seale therto. And declaires that the same being so sealed and returned to the parliament of England is and shall be wnto them a full and perfyte security by this ther act, givine at Edinburghe, the 26 of August 1641 yeires.

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