Rolles callit and prayer said.

Rege presente.

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Procedure: instruments taken
Instrumentes tane be the Lord Loudoune upon the production of the treatie and utheres efterspecified

The quhilke day the Lord Loudoune exhibit in presence of his majestie and parliament the treattie subscryved be the commissionaris of England, quhairof the parliament declaires that they will have ane speciall cair that ane competent nomber of there commissioneris may subscryve the samene. And sicklyke produced the said treattie wnder the broad seall of Ingland, quhairof appoyntes ane double to be givine to everie estat that the samene may be registrat in the recordis of parliament and they may thinke wpoun the maner of extracting therof. And sicklyke produced ane act of the parliament of Ingland for securitie of payment of the tuo hundreth and tuentie thousand pund of brotherlie assistance, whilke was red in audience of the parliament. And als produceit the copie of the said treatie which was delyvered to him when he was last sent into Ingland be the parliament of Scotland, and is markit with the hand of the clerke of parliament. And sicklyke produced ane paper beiring that the commissioneris ware not satisfiet with the kingis ansuer anent the placeing of judges and officeris of estate, quhairwnto is subjoyned ane ansuer subscryved be the Erle of Bristo, beiring that he intimat the same to his majestie, quhilke is daitit the 12 August 1641. And wpon the haill premiss the Lord Loudoun askit instrumentes.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.96r. Back