[Supplication of Elspeth Ross and Hugh Ross of Tollie against any remission to be granted to those accused of the murder of Donald Roy]

Supplicatioun of Elspeth Ros

My lords and remanent estaits of this present parliament now presentlie convenit, wnto your lordship humblie menes and schawes Elspeth Ros, relict of umquhile Donald Roy, miller, servitor to Hew Ros of Tollie, Alexander Roy, miller, brothair germane to the said umquhile Donald, Walter, Finlay, Alexander, William, Issobell and Cristiane Royes, bairnes of the said umquhile Donald, all pupills and orphants, the eldest of ws not exceiding fyftene yeires, and the said Hew Ros of Tollie, our maister, for his intres. That quhair your lordship and estaitts of parliament now presentlie convenit, being now sitting for repressing of all opressiounes and injuries done in this kingdome and to sie justice administrat thairanent, and speciallie for purgeing the land of murdour, slachter and innocent blood comittit thairintill, the assurance of your lordships proceiding thairintill hes imboldened ws to represent and schaw that upoun the nyntene day of Maii last bypast, Robert Monro of Obstell, tutour of Fowllis, Farquhair Monro of Teanard, William Monro, his eldest lauchfull sone, Hew Monro of Fyrische, David Monro, portioner of Keaturell, Johne Monro in Teanour, Johne Roy in Teanord, Robert Monro Hucheonsone in Drumond, Patrik Broune thair, Alexander McRorie in Balknie, Robert McRorie, his sone, Maistir James Browne in Fowllis, Archibald Monro thair, James Gow thair, Donald Gow, his sone thair, Neill McIn, tailyeor thair, Neill McRorie thair, William Gow yongar thair, Donald Balloch thair, Alexander McFarquhair thair, William Rorie Ballach thair, Donald McThomas, wreik thair, Thomas Thomsone in Teanour, Johne Brebner thair, George Monro, Hectours sone, Robert and Johne Monroes, sones lauchfull to Hew Monro in Mylnetoune, Keatuall, Donald McFinlay Roy in [...], James McDonald Roy in Culkairne, Maistir Johne Monro, portioner of Sivordell, Johne Roy McEayne, vic George thair, Johne Croy McEayne, saurie thair, Donald McAlister, Sock Adie in Strone, George Roy in Newtoune, Donald Oig thair, Alexander McEayne, vic Alister thair, Finlay McFinlay, vic Eayne, fermorer in Keatuall, Kenneth McKeinzie of Assint, Donald McRorie thoker elder in Culcairne, Donald McMiller in Drumond, William Miller in Keatuall, Donald McEayne, downie in Assin, Hectour McEayne, vic to Alister thair, William McEayne, vic Conill thair, Johne Monro, vic Curchie thair, Johne Monro thair, William McKeinzie of Miltoune, Donald McCallie thair, William McCallie thair, Donald McAdie in Boith, William McConie in Lealdie, Johne McDonald, vic Rorie Thoker, Alexander McCra, domestick servitor to the said Kenneth McKeinzie of Assin, Johne Monro in Boithe, Johne McCra in Assin, William McEayne roy in Keanlochglass, Finlay McWilliam vic Gillimichaell in Belnacoull, Donald McDonald Greasiche in Teannachcraige, Finlay McDonald Greasiche, his brothair thair, Andro Monro in Belnacoull, Hucheon McFinlay, vic Ronald in Achteannachan, William McFinlay, vic Alister in Achnagall, Johne McTeir thair, Johne McDonald, brebner.

And wthers, thair complicis, cam efter sune setting to the number of [...] persounes, bodin in hosteill maner with hagbuts, gunes, pistolls, carabines, swords, tairgis, bowes, dorlaches and wther invasive wapones by all ordour of law or justice to the toune and lands of Milnecraig pertening to me, the said Hew Ros of Tollie, quhair the said wmquhile Donald Roy, miller, and wthers of myne, the said Hew Ros, my servands, war in ane most peceablie maner at my service for the tyme. And thair maist crewallie and wnmercifullie schot many and divers schotts of gunes, hagbuts, pistoills, carabines and arowes at the said wmquhile Donald Roy, miller, and wounded him in diverse pairtis of his bodie. And not being content thairwith, strak at him with diverse naked swords till at last he fell doune deid to the grund, and imediatelie thairefter he depairtit this mortall lyff. And becaus the ordinarie course and redress of law for the said slauchter cannot be convenientlie followit furth for the present till the countrie be in sum better satling, and that the persounes abonenamet, or sum of thame, may move and deall with his majestie for ane remissioune or respyte for ane tyme for committing of the said slachter, quhilk we know is boith aganes the acts of parliament and the estaits resolutioune at this tyme that no sik remissiounes or respyte salbe grantit quhairby the land may be wnder the crying sin of blood and slachter, and the puire relict and her sex infants and fatherles orphanes wanting meanes, defraudit of the benefeit of law competent to ws, heirfor we beseik your lordship and remanent estaits of this present parliament to gif and appoynt sik ordour and warrand as salbe thocht most fitting that no remissioune nor respyte for any space or tyme salbe past or exped to ony of the foirnamet persounes for the said slachter till the law have course aganest thame, or ellis we satisfiet and giveing our consent thairto. And gif any sik remissioune or respyte salbe privatlie procurit, that the estaitis wald declaire the samyne null. And that it salbe lauchfull to ws to prosecute the law aganest thame notwithstanding thairof. And your lordship and estaits answer humblie we beseik.

Decimo Augusti 1641

The estaittes of parliament ordainis the thesaurer depute and lords of exchequer to pass no remissione nor respite in favours of the pairties abovewritten, whill the supplicant be first [...], and ordains the dowble heirof and supplication [...] under the clerks hand to be gevin to the pairties.

Burghly, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parl[iamenti]

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