[Supplication of Captain John Forbes for maintenance during his imprisonment]

Supplicatioun Captane Forbes

My lordis and utherthis of the estaites of parliament, unto your lordships humblie meanis and shawes I, your servitour Captaine Johnne Forbes, that quhair be vertew of ane ordoure of the committie of estaits heir at Edinburgh purchest at the instance of James Liddell, burges of Edinburgh, am cassin in prissoun within the tolbuith of Edinburgh, quhair I have lyin this halff yeir bygane and to this tyme no cours takin for examinatioiun of the trew caus of my imprysonment, quhairbe it micht be knowin quhither I be gwiltie or innocent of those things laid to my chairge, bot am sufferrit to ly still heir in miserie, I everie day expecting when I sall sterve for hunger. And quhairas the committie of estaites gave ordour to Archibald Sydserff, commissioner deput, for giving me of ane schilling in the day untill the tyme that matter sould be put to ane tryall for my sustentatioun, thair lordships, knowing that I had nothing of my owne to lieve on, the said Archibald Sydserffe will on na wyse give me any thing, nather hes he gevin me any this month bygane, quhairthrew I suffer more intollerablie then if I sufferit on the place of executioun. Heirfore I humblie supplicait yours lordshippis to tak considderatioun of my miserable estate and to give ordour for tryell and examinatioun of the caus of my imprissonment, quhairby according to my gwiltienes or innocencie I may ather be punisched or sett at libertie. And unto such tyme that tryell and examinatioun be maid thairanent, I humblie supplicat your lordships to geve ordour to Archibald Sydserff, commissioner deput, for furnesching of me of my intertanement onlie according to that measoure that he did formerlie be the ordoure of the committie of estaitis, quhairby I may not sterve heir in prissone.

10 August 1641

This is endyt this day as it standis in the recordis.

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