[Supplication of Sir James Baillie of Lochend]

Supplicatioun Sir James Baillie

Unto the honorable members of the heigh court of parliament of this kingdome, humblie sheweth your lordships humble servitor Sir James Baillie of Lochend, knycht baronet, sone and are to umquhile Sir Gideon Baillie of Lochend, knycht baronet, my father, that quhair it is not unknown to the haill kingdome that my said umquhile father being upoun the publict service in defence of the cuntrey and being at Dunglas upoun the 29th of August 1640 yeires in company and undir the commandement of the umquhile Erle of Hadingtowne, colonel for Eist Lauthiane, in that lamentable accident of Dunglas the said umquhile Sir Gideon Baillie wes deadlie wounded and hurt so that within few dayes thaireftir he deceast of the saidis woundis. And seing by ane express act of that sessioun of this present current parliament haldin in Junii 1640 it is declarit that the benefit of the waird, mariage, nonentres and releiffe of all such persones as shall happin to be killed in the defence of the religioun, lawes and liberties of this kingdome dureing the tyme of the troubles thairoff shall only pertene and be disponit and given friely in favouris of the aires, relict and bairnes of these quha shall happine sua to be killed in maner specifit in the said act; lykas by diverse preceiding acts of parliament and ancient lawes of this kingdome it is ordained that the waird, mariage, releiffe and nonentres of these quha shalbe killed or deceis in the armies and hostis raisit for defence of the cuntrey or beis hurt to death or taks seiknes in the armie and dies in the said seiknes, ganging thairto, remaneing thairat or returning thairfra, or who getis deadis woundis in the armie and of the saidis woundis thaireftir dies, shalbe disponed friely in favouris of thair aires, relict and bairnes and that thair aires shall enter to thair lands holding few or ony wthair way without doubling of thair fewdewtie or payment of any wthair compositioun for thair said entrie. And lykwayes it is statute that thair aires and successors shall bruik the benefit of thair possessiones, taks and lyfrent rychtis for the space of fyve yeires nixt eftir the deceis of thair saids predicessoris. Quhilks actis of paliament and everie ane of them are extendit alsweill to vassells and possessouris halding landis of the kingis majestie as of any wthair superior and owir lord, spirituale or temporal, as planely doth appere by the forsaid act in Junii 1640 and be the 41, 42 and 43 act of the 2 parliament of King James the Sext. Item, be the 4, 5 and 6 acts of the 3 parliament of Quene Mary, as also be the 3 and 4 actis of the 2 parliament of King James the 5 and be the 102 act of the 7 parliament of King James the 4 and many wthair laudable actis introducit in favouris of such as dies in the defence and service of the kingdome. And seing my said umquhile father deceast in the defence of his cuntrey in maner forsaid, thairfor my humble petitioun is that it may be found and declarit by act and decreet of parliament that the benefit and profeit of my waird, mariage, releiff and nonentries and failzeing of me be deceis unmaried the waird, mariage, releiffe, nonentres of the nixt lauchfull air or aires succeeding to my said umquhile father may and should be disponit friely to ws and that we may have frie entrie to owr landis holdin waird, few or any wthairwayes without payment of any double of the few dewtie or wthair compositioun for the said entrie. And that it may be declarit that thair is and shalbe fyve full yeires and cropts added to all lyfrent rychtis and tackis standing in my said umquhile fatheris persone, and quhilkis wer shortened be reasone of his deceis in maner forsaid. And that I and the remanent children, aires and relict of the said umquhile Sir Gideon Bailie aucht to enjoy and have the benefeit of the saidis haill former actis of parliament and everie ane of them inrespect he died in the publict service as said is, and that ane full and ample act of parliament may be extendit heirwpoun.

Quinto Augusti 1641

The estaittis of parliament, inrespect of thair certaine knowledge of the veritie of the withinwritten supplicatione, finds the desyre thairof reasonable and orders the gift to be past gratis, conforme to the act of parliament, and ordanes the clerk to give forth the dowble heirof undir his hand gif neid beis.

Burghly, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parl[iamenti]

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