[Supplication of Robert Muir of Caldwell for the passing of his signature through the exchequer]

Supplicatioune be the Laird of Cauldwall

My lordis and wthaires of the estaitis of parliament unto your lordships humblie meines and schawis I, your servitour, Robert Mure of Caldwall, and my curatours heir present for thair entresis, that quhair my umquhill father contractit seiknes in the publict service quhairof thairefter he deceist and pairtit this lyfe, heirfoir maist humblie beseikis your lordships that your lordships wilbe pleaseit to give ordour to the thesawrer deput and remanent lordis of the excheker to pas the signator presentit unto me and to my freindis heir present, in my name, of the gift of my waird and mariage. And that upon such ressonabill compositiounes as your lordship sall think expedient.

24 July 1641

Red and considerit.

5 August 1641

Producit be the Laird of Gatgarth.

Quinto Augusti 1641

The estaittis of parliament, inrespect of thair certaine knowledge of the veritie of the withinwritten supplicatione, finds the desyre thairof reasonable and ordanes the giftis to be past gratis, conforme to the act of parliament, and ordanes the clerk to give forth the dowble heirof under his hand gif neid beis.

Burghly, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parl[iamenti]

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