[Particulars to be represented to parliament regarding the gathering of monies]

Particulars to be representit to the parliament anent the getting of moneyis

1. It is representit that the auditors be continewit and thair commissioun renewit, and that some of ilk estate be appointit to considder quhat progres is maid in the compts and to report. Auditors ar appointit to meit at Seaforts hous and considder this article.

2. That order may be gevine quhairby the haill debts and burdinges of the kingdome may be knawn and drawn to ane sowme.

3. That notice be taken anent the tent and tuentie pennyes, quhat thairof is payed and wnpayed. As also anent the xl dayes lone, and the hors and foots that hes not bene put out nor payit conforme to the publict orders and anent the voluntar contributioun.

4. That notice be taken what valuatiounes ar not yet gevine in throw the kingdoms, and that some solid course and order be set downs anent the valuatiouns that the haill burdings may be equall.

5. That some orders be tane anent the rents of wnfreindes, antecovenanters and bishopes rentis.

6. It is representit to consider quhat way these wha hes moneyes sall be delt with to len thair moneyes to the publict wpoun good securitie, and that the list of the names gevine in to the comitte may be red in parliament.

7. It is also representit that the commissioners of shyres and burrowes be ordained to condiscend wpon these within thair shyres and burghes quha hes moneyes and to informe thameselves heir anent by the ministers now present at assemblie.

It is representit to the parliament as ane necessar expedient for getting in of the publict dews sick as tent and tuentie pennyes that the commissioners of shyres and burrowes salbe commandit be the parliament to requyre thair several shyres and burghes to send in thair collectors and commissioners and wtheris wha hes comissioun for melling with wnfreindis rentis and wther publict dewes, and to ordains thame to bring in thair moneyes or sick tymeous diligens as salbe thoght reassonable with sick certificatioun as the parliament sall think fitting, efter consideratioun of the diligence and as the samen salbe reportit.

Item, that tymes and dyets be appointit for this effect according to the distance and neirnes respective of the severall shyres and burghes of the kingdome.

Item, that the commissioners of shyres and burghes be ordained presentlie to declaire thair knowledge anent what publict dewes, fourtie dayes lone, voluntar contributione, hors and foots is wnpayit or wnput out, conforms to the publict orders within thair shyres and burghes; and what thai know not that thai informe thameselves with diligence and report the certantie at the dyets appointit ut supra.

It is also representit to the parliament's consideratioun the burding the publict lyes uender by the thrie regementis within the countrie and the officiars within the severall shyres, that the same may be ather licentiat of in haill or in pairt as the parliament sall think fitting, and that the moneyes be presentlie borrowed for this effect as the parliament sall appoint, and sum present course taken for getting these moneyes.

It is lykwayis to be takin to consideratioun that the haill reformeired officeris be licentiat of and present course tane for thair bygane payment.

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