[Remonstrance from the committee of estates to parliament]

The humble remonstrance of the lordis and otheris of the committe of estates appointed be the parliament of this kingdome in June 1640 to the heigh court of parliament now conveined

Quhairas the saidis estates of this kingdome then conveinit in parliament be their act and commissioun did intrust and commit to the said committe of estates the ordering, directing, acting and executeing everie thing necessar and expedient, asweill for the mantenance and preservatioun of the armies as for ordering the countrey and wholl bodie and inhabitants thairof, decyding of questiounes quhilk should ryse in any bussines concerning the peace and quyet of the kingdome and the borrowing and leavieing of moneyis for the use of the publict with the debursing and expending thairof, as at mair lenth is conteinit in the forsaid act and commissioune grauntit to them for that effect; according to the whilk power and commissioun grauntit be the saids estates the forsaid committe have so far as in them lyes walked faithfullie and dilligentlie in every thing whilk might concerne the good of the kingdome and the dewtifull acquytting of the charge and trust committed to thame. And seing the said committe of estates ar obliedged by vertue of the said commissioune and oath givin at thair receptioun to the said charge to be comptable for thair proceidingis to the high court of parliament from whom their commissioun and power did proceid (as also inrespect thair said commissioun doeth now cease), thairfor thay thought it incumbent to thame asweill to offer ane accompt of thair proceidingis to the estates now conveinit in parliament, as also to represent the true estate and conditioun of the effairis of this kingdome as thay now stand, to the effect that the saids estates of parliament may in their wisdome tak such present course as the present necessitie and exigencie of effaires requires, least the neglect and delay thairof occasioun disordor and prejudice.

Quhairanent these few articles ar humblie represented to the consideratioun of the parliament:

1. That there is present necessitie of the right ordering and directing of the victuall alreadie provided for intertaynement of the army now in Ingland and for mantenance of the regiaments now on foote within this kingdome and what course shall be takin for a constant provisioun heirefter.

2. It wald be ordered how the wholl compts and burdingis of the kingdome (asweill contracted within the countrey as in Ingland) may be knowne, fitted and cloised seing the samen is not yit fullie accomplished be the auditours formerlie appointed for that end.

3. It wald be ordered how all collectours, commissaries and otheris whosoever have had any trust or intromissioun with what apperteanes to the publict, ather be warrand and commissioun from the said committe of estates or utherwayes, may be made comptable for thair dilligence and intromissioune, off which the most pairt ar denunced or charged; at leist ordour givin for that effect.

4. It wald be ordered how the principall soumes and annuellrents of the same dew be the publict and borrowed for the maist pairt on the privat credite of the committee and others may be satisfied.

5. It wald be ordered how some present moneyes may be leavied and givin in to the commissarie for serving of the maist pressing and urgent effaires of the kingdome.

6. Course wald be takin for the right disposeing of the money receaved at London and ane accompt receaved thairof.

7. The said committe of estates did appoint the advocattis for the estate, with some of thair owne number, to considder of the procesis and paperis aganes incendiaries and unfriendis cited to the parliament and to draw up thair charge and dittayes; quhairof their wes no full report maid, so as the parliament wald now tak notice theireof.

8. Thay intrusted to some of their owne number, with the advocattis and procuratours for the estate, the drawing upe of the charge againes the Earle of Montrose, Lord Naper, Laird of Keir and Lieutennent Colonell Walter Stewart, the reportes quhairof did not come bak inrespect of the shortnes of tyme; and thairfor ane accompt wald be craved of them be the estates of parliament.

9. Thair wald be ane accompt craved of the burrowes how thay have fulfilled that agriement maid be thame with the committee anent the advancement of the 150,000 guilderis to the factours at Campheir.

10. Any other particulares as they shall occur will be remonstrat be the clerkis of the said committee, who have the records, grounds and rewllis of the said committe thair proceidingis by them.

Vigesimo Julii 1641

Produced be Humbie, clerk of the committie, and publiklie red in audience of the estaitts. Whairupon Humbie, for himselfe as clerk and in name of the haill committe, askit instruments, and that he in name forsaid offerit the accompt of thair proceidingis to the parliament and earnestlie desyred the same to be receaved.

The estattis ordanes everie estate to haif ane copie heirof to be advysit.

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