[Draft proposals to be contained in a letter from the parliament to the king]

Heidis whairupon to draw up ane letter from the parliament to his majestie

1. To give his majestie humble thankis for his royall favor in agreing to the treatie and resolutioune to come into Scotland for ratefeing the same.

2. To represent the conclusioune of the parliament for thair necessarie sitting still and abyding togidder, and that efter the voitting thairof the Erle of Dumfermelin and Lowdoune shew that his majestie had commandit thame to intimate his royall assent thairunto in caice it should be found necessar, bot desyred that thair sitting should only be for preparatioune and accommodatione of bussines bot not to determine conclusivelie or prejudge any man of his just defensis befoir his majesties awin presence. And thairfoir the parliament, for respect of his royall pleasure notified be his letter and the relatioune of the saidis commissioneris, and for geving satisfactioune to the parliament of Ingland, and for the desyre they haif of the happines of his royall presence, concludit only to sitt still for preparatioune and accommodatioune of bussines, and not for concluding or determining materis in actis of parliament or sentences definitive (except the parliament shall find ane urgent necessitie for the peace and good of the countrie to requyre the same) unto the 17 day of August nixt, which they conceive to be ane competent tyme that his majesties weightie affairis and the parliament of Ingland may be in that posture as may permitt his majesties coming to this kingdome for settling the peace thairof, which this parliament doeth humblie desyre.

3. That the particularis proponed and demandit be the Erle of Dunfermelin and Lord Lowdoune ar not yit advysed nor answered be the parliament, except anent the acceptatioune of the Erle of Traquairis submissioune, which for weightie and greate groundis is refuised. Bot the parliament shall advyse thairpoun with all convenient diligence and accordinglie acquaint his majestie with thair conclusione.

4. That it may be written to his majestie and the commissioneris that Traquair may be sent home to the parliament.

To remember in the first that the expressione of the thankis doe not import our acknowledgement of the agrement to the treatie.

To remember in the second that the draught may be so contrived as that the necessitie of oure affairis might suffer no delay bot requyred greatest expeditione, bot for respect to the parliament of Ingland etc. continewed oure concluding unto the 17 as the longest tyme which oure necessitie could admitt.

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