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Undated: 1641, 1 July x 31 July

[Overtures regarding the meeting of parliament]

1. That everie member of parliament may be tyed be oathe faithfullie and frielie to speik and promove everie thing that they think in conscience tendis to the good of the kirk and state and to manteine the peace of the thrie kingdomes.

2. That all papistis be debarred the hous and that they give satisfactioun and obedience to the church or that the censures thairof to pas punctuallie aganis them. And that the dissobedient over and above to be fyned in halfe thair estates to be imployit as the parliament sall determine.

3. That all suche as have relinquished that cuntrie and the comoune caus be not admittit in the hous quhill they give satisfactioune.

4. That all all the registeris be sichted.

5. That no nobleman being ane officer of state tak place bot according to his creatioune, except the chancellar.

6. That all penall statutis be regulated and men appointed as officeris to caus them be observit.

7. That the power of the counsall be regulated.

It is to be rememberit anent the fyift article of the overture, beirand that no nobleman being ane officer of estate tak place bot according to his creatioune, that this exceptioune be eikit, viz: except the chancellar.

It is also represented that ane act may be maid that no officer of estate, except the chancellar, sall have place or voice in parliament.

Thir ar to be eikit to the formar overtouris.

  1. NAS, PA6/7, 'Appendix, July 1641'. Back
  2. The remaining clauses are written on a separate document, although bound with the overtures written above. Back