Procedure: ordinance for informing the king of proceedings in the parliament
Ordinance for giveing information to his majestie of all that is past heirtofor in this sessioune of parliament

The estates aggries that the Erle of Argyle and lovetennent generall, with the praeses of the parliament for the nobilitie; the Laird of Innes and Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse for the barrones; and the commissioneris of Aberdene and Sanct Androis for the burrowes, with the clerke to attend them, is appoynted and shall give informatione to his majestie off all which heirtofore heath past in this sessione of parliament, which will serve to good purpose both to shew the parliamentes reddines to give his majestie accompt of ther proceedingis and to preveene misinformatione to his majestie theranent.

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