Procedure: ordinances
Ordinance for cancelling the Erle of Traquaires declaration out of the bookes of counsall

The quhilke day, anent the supplicatione givine in to the estates of parliament be the commissioneris for the kirke, quherof the tennour falloueth: Unto the right honorable the estates of parliament, we the commissioneris of the kirke doe humblie supplicat that your honnoures will be pleased to take to your serious consideration the act of the late assemblie heirwith presentit for deleiting and cancelling out of the recordis of counsall the declarationes of Johne, erle of Traquair wrged be himselfe after the ryising of the assemblie and insert therin to the prejudice of the actes of the assembly at Edinburgh 1639, quhilke his majestie in his gracious lettir to this late assemblie promeiseth to establishe; that the samene being cancelled by your honnoures, the kirke may be fred of hir feares, encouraged to expect his majesties gracious performance, and the more enabled to render all cheirfull and duetifull obedience to his royall persone and governement, and your honoures ansuer humbly wee beseek. Quhilke supplicatione, with the act of the assembly therwith produced, being wpoun the ellevinth day of August instant red in audience of the estates of parliament, they continowed to give ansuer therto whill this day that they ware advysit therwith, and the samene supplicatioune and act foirsaid being this day of new red againe and tane to consideratione be the estates of parliament, they fand the desyre therof abovementionat reasonable and granted the samene, and therfor ordeent the foirsaidis declarationes to be cancellit and deleit out of the bookis of counsall.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.89r. Back
Ordinance conserning the Lord Naper, Lairdes of Keir and Blakhall

The quhilke day the thrie supplicationes givine in to the parliament be the Lord Naper, the lairdis of Keir and Blakehall, all desyreing that Sir Lues Stewart, Mr Johne Gillmour, Maister Johne Nisbit and Maister Robert McGill may be commandit to consult and plead for them, and that the supplicantes may have libertie to meit and consult togidder, being all thrie red in audience of the estates in parliament, they allow Maister Johne Nisbit, Maister Johne Gillmour and Maister Robert McGill to plead and doe the duetie of advocatis for the supplicantes, and als allowes any advocates to consult with them, and all freendis to meit with them in the same termes as was granted to the Erle of Montrois, and allowes the Lady Keir to meit with hir husband.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.89r. Back