Ratificatione of the act of exchekker made in favoures of these who have ingadgit for the soume of 100,000 merkis for the kingis expenss agains his coming to Scotland

The quhilk day the estates of parliament ratifies and approves the act of exchekker of the dait the tuenti tuo of Julii 1641 yeires, mad and set doune in favoures of these noblemen and otheris and ilke ane of them who hes givine band and securitie to Williame Dicke of Braid for payment to him of the soume of ane hundreth thousand merks, with the intrest therof and penultie gif ony be contenit in the said band for payment therof at Mertimes nixt barroweit and wpliftit fra the said Williame Dicke, for defraying the king's majesties expenss againes his comeing to this kingdome in maner specified in the said act in the haill heidis, articles and clauss of the samene act; and declaires this present generall ratificatione therof to be als valied and sufficient as if the foirsaid act ware at lenth and word be word insert heirintill, quhairwith the estates of parliament dispenss for evir, and findis and declaires the foirsaid act of excheker of the dait abovewrittine to be ane necessar act, and therfor ratifies and approves the samene in the haill heidis, tennour and contentis therof as said is.

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