Rolles callit and prayer said.

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Committee Members: concerning the lawfulness of bonds
Committie from the parliament to the assemblie concerning the laufullnes or wnlaufullnes of bandis of the tennour of the band brunte

The quhilke day the Lord Ballmerino, preeses of the committie for these in the castle, makeand report of the proceedings of that committie and haveing causit reid the Erle of Montroise his depositione, with the interrogatouris and paperis writtin in defence of the band, with some representationes from the said committie and ane ansuer mad be the Erle of Montroise therto, and becaus the paper or declaratione seimes to be ane speech againes the opposers of the band, lykeas in some speiches wtered be the Erle of Montroise he heath mentioned the band and appeires not to disavowe the same, but to acknowledge that allbeit the band was brunt for respectis therinmentionat yit the subscryveris therof are not loosed from ther oath, therfor the estates of parliament thought it fitting to voyce whidder the band shall be representit to the assemblie or not. And the estates, aftir voyceing, findis that the copie of the said band should be represented to the assemblie in ane fair way, and eftir voyceing of the way and maner of representing therof, it is fund that the copie of the band shall be represented to the assemblie and ther judgement craveit if ane band in the lyke nature may be lauchfully maide in tymecomeing or not, and for representing heirof the estates appoyntes the Erle of Louthiane and Lord Yester for the nobilitie, the lairdis of Dwne and Dundas for the barrones and the commissioneris of Abirdene and Glasgow for the burrowes, with Maister Adame Hepburne of Humbie, and the estates appoyntes them also represent to the assemblie, with the copie of the band, the renunciatioune therof or declaratione maid be the subscryveris of the band.

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