Procedure: ordinance regarding the supplications of the constable and town of Edinburgh
Ordinance of parliament anent the supplicationes givine in be the constable and toune of Edinburghe

The quhilk day the supplicatione givine in be the Erle of Errole, craveing warrand to the proveist and baillies of Edinburghe to exhibite Maister Thomas Lamb befor him or his deputes to be judged in his courtes as constable for the slaughter contenit in the supplicatione, togidder also with the remonstrance exhibite be him for that effect, being red in audience of the estates of parliament, the saidis estates ordeanes the proveist and baillies of Edinburghe to exhibite the said Maister Thomas Lamb, delinquent, befor the constable or his deputes, ane or ma, to the effect contenit in the said supplicatione, bot prejudice allwayes to the Erle of Errole or toune of Edinburghe ther rightis or priviledges prout de jure, and ordeanes the clerke to delyver to either pairtie the double of the foirsaid supplicatione, with the delyverance therof foirsaid, togidder with the double of the remonstrance therwith exhibite be the Erle of Errole subscrivit be the clerke.

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