Proclamation: for apprehending the incendiaries
Act and proclamatione for apprehending the incendaries

The esteates of parliament, now conveened by his majesties speciall authoritie, considering that be ane act of the 12 parliament of King James the Second in October 1455 yeires, intituled (Of persones sclandred or suspect of treason), they shall be tane and remaine in firmance and their goodis wnder sure burrowes whill the tyme they have thoilled ane assyse, quhidder they be quyte or foule, as the act beires, and now sieing that Johne, erle of Traquair, Sir Robert Spootiswood of Donypace, Sir Johne Hay, clerke of register, Doctour Walter Balcanquell and Maister Johne Maxwell, somtyme pretendit beshope of Ros (the fyve principall incendiaries) are allreddie sommoned to the parliament for treasone, the saidis estates hes thought it fiting and findis that when ony of the fyve incendiaries abovenamed shall come to this cuntrie, they shall be apprehendit and put in waird, conforme to the foirsaid act of parliament abonewrittin. And for this effect the saidis estates, in our soverane lordis name and authoritie, and in the name and authoritie of the esteatis of parliament of this kingdome, commandis and chairgis all magistrates of burrowes, shereffis of shyris, baillies and stewartis and all other officeris within ther severall jurisdictiones respective to take and apprehend the foirsaids fyve incendiaries abovenamed suspect and sommond to the parliament for treasone as said is, and present them to the parliament. And also commandis and chairges in the name and authoritie foirsaid all and everie persone to whom any of the saidis incendaries may or shall adresse themselves for ressait, to exhibit and present them to the parliament within thrie dayes, as the saidis magistratis and otheris respective foirsaidis will ansuer to the parliament wnder all hiest paine, and to be punished in ther persones and goodis as the estates of parliament shall thinke fitting and that as contemners of there authoritie and disobedient to ther commandis. And ordeanes publicatione to be made heirof be opene proclamatione at the mercat croces of Edinburghe by sound of trumpet and otheris places neidfull that non pretend ignorance anent the premiss.

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