Procedure: ordinance regarding Colonel Lindsay
Ordinance anent Collonell Lindsay his pay for keeping the castle of Edinburgh

The estates of parliament modifies the soume of 200 merkis Scotis money monethlie of pay to the said Collonell Lindesay for keeping of the castle of Edinburgh, by and attoure the soume payed to him be the toune of Edinburgh, and ordeanes the samene pay to be givine from the tyme of his entrie to the castle be order from the committie of estats, whose commissione granted be them to Collonell Lindesay the estates of parliament ratifies and approves ab initio and heirby renewes the samene comissione to him; and findis no necessity of payment to ane minister in the castle, seing the presbetrie of Edinburghe have appoynted some of ther nomber to supplie that place in the castle. And alse the estates ratifies and approves the pouer and warrand givine be the committie of estates to Stephine Boyd for wplifting the castle rentis of Edinburgh, and appoyntes and ordeanes the said Stevine Boyd to pay the said Collonell Lindesay and his souldieris and porteris in the castle out of the said castle rentis.

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