Rolles callit and prayeres said.

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Procedure: ordinance regarding the army
Ordinance anente the armie

The instructiones from the estates of parliament to the commissionaris at Londone, concerneing the commissionaris lettir written to the generall for disbanding the armie and delay of payment of the 80,000 lib. sterling of brotherlie assistance, togidder with ane lettir from the parliament to the commissioneris and ane wther lettir from the parliament to the lord generall,

Being all these red in presence of the estates of parliament, the saidis estates approves the samene (anent the payment of the souldieris in the castle, ordeanes and commandis Stephine Boyd, merchand burges of Edinburghe and collectour of the castle rentis thairof, to pay the souldieris of the castle out of the first and reddiest of the castle rentis), and appoyntes the saidis lettiris and instructiones to be subscryved be the president of the parliament, quhilke was accordinglie done, and the estates ordeanes the Erle of Dumfermling to carie the samene as ane verie fiting above all exceptione.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.79v. Back