Committee Members: committee for those in the castle
Committie for these in the castle

This supplicatione being red in audience of the estates of parliament they appoynt all the advocatis whome the supplicant shall employ (except these who are imployed for the perswar) to consult with the Erle of Montroise, and declaires that they will have consideratione what advocatis shall be allowed to plead for him when the proces cumes to be agitated and disputed and that it be determined whither the mater shall bee determined viva voce or scripto; and for the second part of the bill findis that the Erle of Montroise aught not to meit with the other three who are not yit citit. And als the estates findis it expedient that ane committie be appoynted for considering the proces and for more probatione againes these persones in the castle, and if it be necessar that Montroise be farder interrogat, and in that caise of farder interrogatione, to draw up the interrogatouris, and that all expeditione may be usit for giveing citatione to the Lord Naper, lairdis of Keir and Blakhall and Walter Stewart, and nothing to be determined in this committie befor the samene be reported in parliament. Lykeas the estates of parliament nominatis and appoyntes the persones wnderwrittin for this commitie anent these in the castle, viz: for the nobilitie, Sutherland, Forrester, Balmerino and Burghlie; for the barones, Giffin, Innes, Langtoun and Erlestoun; for the burrowes, the comissioneris of Kirkcaldie, Dysert, Innernes and Kirkecudbrighe, with Maister Adame Hepburne of Humbi, and gives power to this committie to call to them any nomber of parliament they please to nominat, and appoyntis this committie to meit in the laich exchequer hous to consider the proces and former probatioune and to draw wp interrogatouris againes Montroise if they find it necessar that be farder examinat, as also to give order for sommonding the Lord Naper, the lairdis of Keir, Blackhall and Walter Stewart, and grantes them power to doe every thing necessar and expedient in the premiss and to report to the parliament bot not to determine be themselves.

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