Committee Members: committee for the bills
Committie for the billis

The estates of parliament nominatis and appoynts the committie wnderwrittine for considering all billis and supplicationes exhibited or to be exhibited in parliament, viz: for the nobilitie, the Erles of Mar and Kinghorne, the Lordis Elphingstoune and Johnestone; for the barrones, the lairdis of Craigivar, Balmayne, Moncreiffe and Frieland; for the burrowes, the commissionaris of Couper, Bruntyland, Kinghorne and Rutherglen, with power to them to heir and prepair the saidis supplicationis, grant citationes therwpon and to report in audience of the whole estates of parliament, and ordeanes the citationes and the delyverance for them to be subscryved by ilke estat of that committie.

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